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Provision of a Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) for NATO HQ PDD - Notification of Intent (IFB-CO-13560-DAMS)

Termen limita: Luni, 04 Martie 2013

Deployable Passive ESM Trackers (DPET) for Air C2 Surveillance and Identification

Termen limita: Sâmbătă, 09 Martie 2013

Provision of Support to ISAF AMN and NCIA SP HQ DHS and Portal

Termen limita: Vineri, 21 Decembrie 2012

Implementation of Specified Works at the Cerklje ob Krki Air Base, Slovenia

Termen limita: Vineri, 14 Decembrie 2012

Repair and Strengthen 13 Bridges (Phase III) in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Termen limita: Luni, 19 Noiembrie 2012

Provision of Support Services to Human Resources Data Services (HRDS) at SHAPE Headquarters

Termen limita: Joi, 06 Decembrie 2012
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Notificări parteneri

  • NoI "ACCS Voice Communication System (VCS) enhancement for CAOC Uedem"
  • Market Survey MS-CO-14634-DSGT "Provide multiband deployable satellite ground terminals pool"
  • NOI - Evolution for Functional Services for Logistics C2 (LOG FS Evolution 1)
  • NOI - Satellite Personal Communications Services for Operational Liaison and Reconnaissance Teams (OLRT)
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