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Renovation Kosovo Security Forces (KSF) HQ Building in Mitrovica Barracks Pristina Kosovo

Termen limita: Vineri, 09 Noiembrie 2012

Supply, Erection and Commissioning of CNC Universal Milling Machine 8m x 1m x 1.6m

Termen limita: Joi, 15 Noiembrie 2012

Complete Brass Baseline Implementation South-Turkey

Termen limita: Luni, 12 Noiembrie 2012

The Provision of Airfield Infrastructure and Equipment

Termen limita: Luni, 29 Octombrie 2012

Provide Civil Works Including Construction at Kabul International Airport (KAIA) Afghanistan

Termen limita: Vineri, 05 Octombrie 2012

Provide Waste Water Treatment Plant at Kabul International Airport (KAIA) Afghanistan

Termen limita: Luni, 24 Septembrie 2012
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Notificări parteneri

  • NOI - Evolution for Functional Services for Logistics C2 (LOG FS Evolution 1)
  • NOI - Satellite Personal Communications Services for Operational Liaison and Reconnaissance Teams (OLRT)
  • RfQ-CO-14553-ITM-M "Provide equipment and services for IT mitigation measures - procurement of hardware and software" - Amendment 2
  • Request for Quotation RfQ-CO-14593-IAS "Provide training for users and functional administrators of Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS) and Task Tracker Plus (TT+)"
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