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IFB-CO-14167-AGS Responses to clarification requests

IFB-CO-13733-BRASS-BGR ”Amendment no. 3”

Termen limita: Joi, 10 Martie 2016

IFB-CO-14042-OPL ISAF/ Resolute support mission records archive - Amendment no. 5

Termen limita: Joi, 14 Aprilie 2016

IFB-CO-14210-ITM ”IT modernization WP2 - supply of client equipment and accessories”

Termen limita: Luni, 08 Februarie 2016

NOI - Electrode material mixing machine, etc

Termen limita: Joi, 04 Februarie 2016

IFB-CO-13733-BRASS-BGR - Amendment no. 2: Purchaser answers to clarification requests

Termen limita: Joi, 11 Februarie 2016
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Notificări parteneri

  • NoI ACO-NAP-17-17 "Provision of electricity and natural gas for JFC Naples Headquarter"
  • NCIA - IT Modernization Mitigation Horizon 3 - Procurement of Hardware and Software, Standard User Equipment
  • NCIA- CIS Services for NATO Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan
  • NSPA - Provision of Deployable Ground Based Sensors for Air C2 Surveillance and Identification
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