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IFB-CO-13799-CBRN Amendment no. 2 - ”Implementing the functional services for command and control (C2) of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defence capabilities (CBRN-FS)”

Termen limita: Vineri, 30 Septembrie 2016

RfQ-CO-14300-LINCE Amendment no. 1 ”Provision of commercial off-the-shelf CIS equipment for the update of NATO deployable systems Limited Interim NATO Response Force CIS Capability - Expansion (LINC-E)

Termen limita: Vineri, 05 August 2016

IFB-CO-14210-ITM Amendment 5 and CR release no. 7 ”IT Modernization (ITM) Work Package 2 (WP2) - Supply of client equipment and accessories”

Termen limita: Miercuri, 03 August 2016

NoI INDIA: Laser welding machine (1 set), multichannel battery analyzer (1), X-ray diffractometer (1)

Termen limita: Joi, 04 August 2016

IFB-CO-14210-ITM-Amendment 4 and Clarification requests release no. 5

Termen limita: Luni, 25 Iulie 2016

Request for quotation RfQ-CO-14233-DCEP "Provision of TEMPEST level B certified laptops, desktop computers and monitors"

Termen limita: Luni, 25 Iulie 2016
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Notificări parteneri

  • NoI "ACCS Voice Communication System (VCS) enhancement for CAOC Uedem"
  • Market Survey MS-CO-14634-DSGT "Provide multiband deployable satellite ground terminals pool"
  • NOI - Evolution for Functional Services for Logistics C2 (LOG FS Evolution 1)
  • NOI - Satellite Personal Communications Services for Operational Liaison and Reconnaissance Teams (OLRT)
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